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CPMC Surgeon Uses Innovative Breast Cancer Treatment Technique

A former resident of Belvedere, California, Michael T. Jackson is a hedge fund executive and the founder of SFG Asset Advisors in San Francisco. Now living in Florida, Michael T. Jackson continues his support of a number of organizations in Belvedere and the state of California, including the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC).

In February 2017, a CPMC surgeon named Dr. Anne G. W. Peled became one of the first medical professionals in California to combine the oncoplastic surgery technique with the BioZorb breast implant. This technique allows for more accurate targeting of radiation treatments in addition to offering superior cosmetic outcomes for patients following surgery.

The BioZorb marker is a 3D device used in lumpectomy surgery that helps preserve the breast and remove cancerous tumors. Following the lumpectomy, patients undergo a range of oncoplastic procedures, facilitated by the BioZorb marker, to better control radiation and rearrange breast tissue, creating a more vis…

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