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Almost Sunrise: Shedding Light on Moral Injury

Currently living in Florida, Michael T. Jackson used to be a long-time resident of Belvedere, California. During his time in Belvedere, Michael T. Jackson founded two companies and although he is retired, he continues to oversee the management of one of them, SFG Asset Advisors LLC. In his free time, Mr. Jackson enjoys watching documentaries and he has sponsored several film productions through a partnership with a nonprofit organization called The Fledgling Fund.

One of those documentaries, titled "Almost Sunrise", follows two Iraq veterans, both tormented by depression for years after they returned home and are pushed to the edge of suicide. "Almost Sunrise" is an intimate film that explores the delicate subject of moral injury, which is the process of overlooking deeply held beliefs of "right and wrong" during active duty. Many people believe that moral injury is linked to the growing number of veteran suicides.

Struggling with some of these moral injur…

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