SFAI’s 3rd Street Studios Program

Based in Belvedere, California, before relocating to Florida in 2002, Michael T. Jackson is an entrepreneur and a hedge fund executive. During his time in Belvedere, Michael T. Jackson supported numerous organizations, including San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI), on whose Board of Trustees he served until recently.

SFAI recently announced the launch of its 3rd Street Studios residency program, which it offers as part of its Public Education program. A total of 25 artist studios are available in San Francisco’s Dogpatch, which is a hub of artistic activity. Each studio is semi-private and ranges from 150 to 300 square feet. 

Currently in its pilot stage, the program will last until August 2017. Following the anticipated success of this stage, SFAI will dramatically increase not only the space and other resources it commits to the program, but also the time artists can spend in the program.

Approximately 28 artists gained acceptance into the pilot program, each of which must be active in his or her studio and engage with the artistic community surrounding him or her. Further, chosen artists must pay relevant residency dues and abide by SFAI policies.


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