Useful Landscape Photography Tips

The founder of SFG Asset Advisors, Michael T. Jackson, formerly of Belvedere, California, provides young professionals at the company with mentorship and established its hedged equity investment strategy. Beyond Michael T. Jackson’s professional activities, the former Belvedere resident enjoys photography. Here are some tips for budding landscape photographers:

1. Keep notes of compelling locations that you find on your travels. To attain the best shots, you will need to research these locations to find out about access points. You should also check the times for dusk and dawn, so you can make full use of natural light.

2. As you will likely be compensating for a slower shutter speed and small aperture, you should bring a tripod along to keep your camera stable during exposure. 

3. Bring protective equipment in case you get caught in bad weather. A plastic bag allows you to quickly shield the camera if it starts raining while the camera is installed on a tripod. Microfiber towels and cleaning cloths will allow you to keep the filters, lens glass, and camera body dry and clean.


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