Fledgling Fund Engagement Lab Focuses on Documentary Films

Former Belvedere resident Michael T. Jackson is an experienced hedge fund manager. Currently residing in Florida, Michael T. Jackson has five children and nine grandchildren that still live in the Belvedere area. Working in partnership with The Fledgling Fund, a nonprofit foundation that supports documentary filmmakers, Michael T. Jackson has helped to fund documentary films that advocate human rights and promote social justice.

The Fledgling Fund fosters the use of visual storytelling to advance positive social change. The nonprofit utilizes grant making, funding partnerships, special projects and the Fledgling Engagement Lab to support documentary filmmakers.

Designed to maximize the social impact of independent documentary films, the Fledgling Engagement Lab brings together project teams, directors, mentors and subject matter experts through residencies and in-person meetings. First started in 2014, the Engagement Lab maximizes social impact and outreach strategies for participating projects. Currently, nine films are a part of the 2016 Fledgling Engagement Lab.


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