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Former Belvedere resident Michael T. Jackson has spent three decades as a financial executive in San Francisco, where he founded and managed SFG Asset Advisors. Since his retirement in 2002, Michael T. Jackson has served on numerous boards of directors, including the Board of American Ireland Fund, the largest chapter of Worldwide Ireland Funds.

A global philanthropic network dedicated to supporting community development, education, arts & culture, and the process of peace and reconciliation, Worldwide Ireland Funds inspires and encourages people around the world to show their support for innovative work in Ireland.

The Ireland Funds help to sponsor programs that provide access to higher education for underprivileged youth, contribute to community integration, support cultural awareness and understanding, and work to improve the lives of disadvantaged children by providing funding for individuals and families to access a range of services and educational opportunities.

The nonprofit organization has pioneered many innovative initiatives such as The Young Leaders Society (a networking forum fostering a connection with modern Ireland), The Gallery Circle (cultivating appreciation for Ireland's culture through the arts), and The Leadership Forum (an ongoing series of round-table discussions with top political, economic and cultural leaders from both the U.S. and Ireland).


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